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Our high performance dowel bars have been tested and approved to meet ASTM Test standards. ASTM D4475 - Short Beam Shear, ASTM D 7617 - Double Shear, ASTM D5117 Void Content, and ASTM D2584 Fiber Content.


    Naturally non-corrosive glass fibers and resin matrix resists all forms of corrosion, from salt to alkalinity.


    Loose dowels are less than 1/3 the weight of steel. Complete baskets are 60% lighter than steel.

Product Information

Master Dowel offers many different sized dowels to order. We offer dowels of 1.25" and 1.50" in diameter, and dowel baskets of 1.25" x 18" x 12" OC and 1.5" x 18" x 12" OC.


    Invisibile to traffic sensors and other electronic equipment. Perfect for toll ways and intersections.


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"Working with FRP baskets has become a great asset to our company in the ability to install faster simply because of the weight. Our team can easily pave longer distances with the FRP baskets because of the ease of one person handling them and are less physically demanding. We have had no issues with dowels becoming loose, unlike the steel ones with the welds breaking and having to fix them on the go. We will avoid using solid steel whenever possible."

Aaron Lukes

Croell, Inc. New Hampton, Iowa

"Our two companies have been and will continue to utilize Master Dowel fiberglass dowel assemblies whenever possible

The light weight of the fiberglass assembly versus traditional steel baskets allows for a more efficient process which translates into a labor savings (less man hours) due to the decreased weight.

Since most of our contracts are public bid/low bid, we are constantly looking for ways to decrease costs to win bids, Master Dowel gives us another opportunity to that.

If you aren’t currently utilizing Master Dowel fiberglass dowel assemblies, I encourage you to give them a try, your baskets crews will love them."

Troy Mertens

Streb Construction Iowa City, Iowa /E & F Paving LLC Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Cedar Valley Corp., will use your fiberglass dowel assemblies every chance we get.

As you know our work is publicly bid with the low bid getting the work. It would be our preference to use the fiberglass dowel assemblies exclusively when economically feasible to do so.

These assemblies are lightweight making them easier and safer to handle and place. They add sustainability benefits just considering the weight (and probably the manufacturing process), all issues that are important to our industry."

Craig Hughes

Cedar Valley Corporation, Cedar Falls, Iowa

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